Celebrate National Library Week at Your Place

Celebrate National Library Week (April 19-25) with Hunter Library remotely! Play our Bingo card and discover the treasures in our library’s digital collections. Let us know how you did by tagging us on Instagram or Twitter #HLBingo. Each block has a link to help you complete the task. Try filling… Read more »

Patron Spotlight: Emalee Money

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Photo of student.

For our first ever Patron Spotlight, we chose Emalee Money, WCU senior and English and Sociology major, who shares how the library has contributed to her college career. What is your favorite part of the library? The Curriculum Materials Center for sure! I love the atmosphere –– it’s like walking… Read more »

Virtual Reality at the Library

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Photo of student using VR room.

Hunter Library’s Virtual Reality Room is an excellent resource for students, faculty, and staff. Located in HL 184, the VR Room has five stations available, including two Oculus Rifts, two HTC Vives, and one PlayStation 4 Pro VR set. There are also couches and large monitors for spectators in the… Read more »

The Editing Station Situation

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Photo of Student at Editing Station

Budding Youtuber or SoundCloud artist? Maybe you want to start your own podcast. Whatever the project may be, the editing stations at the Scholar Studio have the perfect program, from audio mixing and recording, to video editing, or even design work. The editing stations are especially useful for students whose… Read more »

Hunter Library at Your Fingertips

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Screenshot of Library App

Imagine you’re at the library. You need to check out a book for class. Unfortunately, you forgot your CatCard. Do you: A) Go back to your dorm and grab it, making yourself late for your next class? B) Cry and hope the librarian takes pity on you? C) Whip out… Read more »

Keeping Kephart: Special Collection’s New Additions

Photo of Horace Kephart

Upstairs in the Hunter Library, in the Special Collections department, there lies a massive collection of documents written by and to Horace Kephart. While Horace Kephart is unfamiliar to most students on campus, his name is likely known to past Boy Scouts as he famously wrote the definitive guide on… Read more »