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Hunter Library offers a variety of study spaces of different sizes that may be reserved in one-hour time slots by individuals and groups of up to 10 people. Each type of room has its own restrictions for the maximum number of hours reservable per day and per week–as well as how far ahead they can be booked. The Large Film Viewing Room has classroom seating for up to 25, equipment to view videos in DVD/VHS format, and a monitor capable of sharing a laptop screen.

Group Study Room

Group Study Rooms Feature Tables, Chairs, and Whiteboards

Students asked the library to replace each study room’s chalkboards with whiteboards–and we did! Each room features a new SMART kapp whiteboard, which allows you to invite others to see what you’re writing and save the notes to your phone or computer when you’re finished. These SMART kapp whiteboards are helpful when group members can’t make those last-minute meetings. You can find easy how-to instructions next to each SMART kapp whiteboard.

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