Annual “Blind Date With a Book” Coming in February

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Hunter Library will host its “Blind Date with a Book” display for the fifth year.  The event debuted in 2013, when the library’s own Erica Barnett, a senior student worker at the time, suggested the project. “I got the idea for “Blind Date with a Book” from Pinterest and thought it would be great for our library since we do have leisure books and not just academic books,” Erica reported.  The display has grown in popularity over the years and patrons have requested its return via the library’s suggestion board.

“Blind Date with a Book” features items from the leisure reading section of the Hunter Library, but the book titles and summaries have been covered, leaving patrons with a “blind date” reading. The decorated covers present patrons with clues to what a book is about, encouraging them to check out and read material from genres they typically would not select.  “Blind Date with a Book” confirms that you “can’t judge a book by its cover”–inspiring library visitors to reconsider overlooked titles.  The exhibit will reappear the first of February and will last throughout the month.

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