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Since 1990, the Friends of Hunter Library organization has worked to promote awareness of and interest in WCU’s library. By becoming a Friend, you:

  • Support WCU’s Hunter Library collections
  • Promote the use of Hunter Library as a regional community resource
  • Help sponsor cultural programs and special events
  • Raise the visibility of Hunter Library

Friends of Hunter Library advocate for and support the library’s mission of serving the WCU community. With costs rising and budgets tight, the library needs your help more than ever. At the same time, members enjoy borrowing privileges and special programs and events throughout the year. Your contribution helps enhance the quality of service that enhances student and faculty success.

With a minimum contribution of $25, Friends receive:

  • Checkout privileges for books and videos
  • Check out up to five items at a time
  • Early access to the library’s annual book sale
  • Discounted tickets to future library events
  • Receive the library’s newsletter
  • Dean’s greeting card during the holidays

With a contribution of $50 or more, Friends receive:

  • All the benefits listed above
  • Check out up to ten items at a time
  • A copy of the library’s annual monograph publication

To join, go to:

2 thoughts on “Become a Friend of Hunter Library!

  1. Tom

    I am a resident of Jackson County and have been using Hunter library for 30 years. Now the rates for use are going up and access is more limited. I feel WCU is trying to marginalize us poor common fools. Does anyone know the proportion of WCU’s budget that comes from the state government?

    1. Heidi Buchanan

      Thanks for sharing your concern. Here is the response from our dean: The Friends of the Library group was created in order to raise funds and provide special programming. The $25.00 membership fee is a very low fee for the privilege of borrowing books from an academic library. The average price of an academic book is between $45-65. Because we only purchase one copy of a book, we want to make sure that the books are available for our students and faculty first. Community members are always welcome at Hunter Library.


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