Top Study Spaces in Hunter Library!

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Exams are right around the corner! Looking for a good place to study or to finish a project? Here are some of our favorite study spots at Hunter Library:

  1. The Booth. LOCATION: First floor to the left of main entrance. GREAT FOR: Group study, individual study; close proximity to research assistance, outlets, restrooms, magazines, newspapers, leisure reading, and windows.
  2. Curriculum Materials Center (CMC). LOCATION: Curriculum Materials Mezzanine. Take the first floor elevator to “CMC,” or walk up the stairway located near Java City on the first floor. GREAT FOR: Individual study, group study, cozy atmosphere. For education majors, convenient to professional teaching materials and children’s literature.
  3. Maps Area. LOCATION: First floor, far left corner of the building behind bound periodicals section. GREAT FOR: Individual study, group study. Has large tables and windows with a mountain view. One of the quietest locations on the first floor.
  4. Lounge. LOCATION: First floor adjacent to Java City. GREAT FOR: Individual and group study–especially if you don’t want a super quiet space. Proximity to food, coffee beverages, vending machines and restrooms. Need a study break? Find the jigsaw puzzle table.
  5. Lower Mezzanine. LOCATION: Take first floor elevator to “Lower Mezz” or walk downstairs via the stairway located near Java City. GREAT FOR: Individual study. Close to the technology commons.
  6. Group Study Rooms. LOCATIONS: First Floor and Ground Floor. GREAT FOR: Studying with group. There are 7 larger rooms that will accommodate 8-10 people and 5 rooms that will fit up to 4 people.  Each is outfitted with a SMART kapp Whiteboard, conference table, and chairs.  Reserve a room here.
  7. Study Tables and Carrels. LOCATION: Main Floor and Ground Floor. GREAT FOR: Individual Study. Tables, chairs, carrels, many located near windows. Many have outlets.
  8. The Quiet Zone. LOCATION – Ground Floor. GREAT FOR: Individual study. Comfortable chairs, sofas, large tables (many with outlets). The quiet atmosphere is strictly enforced on the ground floor; if you have a noise complaint, you can text 828-333-5822 or report it to the Circulation Desk.
  9. Microfilm Cubicles. LOCATION:  First floor along rear wall behind Reference desk. GREAT FOR: Individual study, secluded quiet space but convenient to public areas. Each cubicle has outlets and a reading lamp, creating a mini-office atmosphere. These are first come, first served.
  10. The Patio. LOCATION:  Walkway near the library entrance. GREAT FOR: Individual study, group study, tables and chairs, fresh air, close to coffee and food.

Thanks to Christy Martin and our student employees for coming up with this list!

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