Virtual Reality at the Library

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Serenity Cortes , student employee at Hunter Library, demonstrates Virtual Reality

Hunter Library’s Virtual Reality Room is an excellent resource for students, faculty, and staff. Located in HL 184, the VR Room has five stations available, including two Oculus Rifts, two HTC Vives, and one PlayStation 4 Pro VR set. There are also couches and large monitors for spectators in the space.

Hunter Library has provided numerous free programs and applications for the VR stations, which allow users to explore a variety of subjects, including Art, Science, Math, and Geography. Programs include Medium, which allows a user to create 3D objects and art using the Oculus Rift and send them to a 3D printer if desired. Google Earth allows users to walk the globe and explore the far reaches of Earth from the comfort of the library. With CalcFlow, VR users can experience calculus up close and personal, manipulating vectors and experience complicated functions in 3D. ShareCare You, allows users to view and experiment with an anatomically correct human model.

To reserve a VR station at Hunter Library, first visit the Hunter Library website: and click on the Spaces link at the top of the page. Scroll to the VR Room reservation, choose which VR headset and block of time you wish to reserve, and submit it along with a public name. A confirmation email will be sent out, and you will need to respond to it within 15 minutes. At the time of your reservation, check out the controllers from the Circulation Desk and head back to room HL184, which is down the hall from the elevator and restrooms.

The VR room is free to use and is an excellent learning tool and recreational space for those interested in technology, science, art, gaming, or those who simply want to experience something new.  

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