Hunter Library Home Page Usability Study

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The library is conducting a usability study on our library home page.  This is a short, 5-10 minute, task-based study with a set of questions at the end.  The study asks where the user would click on the home page to find the specified information.  This is the first of a two phase study that will help us improve our main page by organizing our content in a more intuitive way.  We hope to improve how we label and describe certain services and resources.  This first phase will help us inform the changes we make in the second phase of the study.

The study can be accessed via Qualtrics link.  The study will begin once the user has agreed to the consent form.  A link to the study can also be found on the library home page.

Students, faculty and staff are all welcome to participate! Your participation will help us improve our home page and serve you better.  The study will run until early October.  For any questions about the study, please contact Adam Olsen (

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