7 Ways WCU Employees Can Enjoy Hunter Library’s Resources This Summer

  1. Browse for that perfect summer book in the library’s leisure reading section.
  2. Download eBooks, audiobooks, and magazines from https://wcu.overdrive.com (https://libbyapp.com/).
  3. Watch a movie or documentary online via our film streaming services.
  4. Catch up on all those short stories you’ve been meaning to read in the New Yorker Archive.
  5. Explore your roots in Ancestry Library Edition.
  6. Take your loved ones to the interactive Movers & Shakers Family Story Hour on June 19 or July 17 at the library’s CMC. Register here.
  7. Escape the heat of summer in our famously cool building. Read a book, play a game, create something in our Scholar Studio, or explore Virtual Reality.

WCU Employees can take advantage of free library services anytime. Your CatCard is your library card! Use your WCU Credentials to log into the library’s online resources.

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